How to Unleash Profit in Your Online Business

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Ever wonder how thousands of “under the radar” businesses which earn well over $100,000 per year out of their own home do it?

Over the last year I’ve had the great fortune to speak with many of these true entrepreneurs at conferences, seminars, etc. What I’m about to share with you also came true for me.

Here’s an example of their business model…

1. Information Products. Without a doubt, each one of the successes I know market their own info products. For some, it’s an e-book. Others have special reports. Still others run online coaching programs, membership sites, paid newsletters, tele-seminars, or produce digital audio or video products. It’s not their only source of income, but is a MAJOR source of income, and more important, brands them an expert in their field leading to success with 2 and 3 below.

2. Market related affiliate products. Again, in almost every case these online success stories become experts at finding and creating joint venture deals with partners.

But, they work differently than most affiliates…

They start by ALWAYS reviewing the product they will market. Second, they look for a different way to present the product or service – a more beneficial way to show users the real benefit in the affiliate product. Third, they use their branding to negotiate higher commissions and focus on high commission programs only.

3. They monetize their traffic using AdSense or selling advertising on their sites. For high traffic pages where adding paid ads or Google’s AdSense will not impact their own sales, they will run ads to further monetize their sites.

4. Sell their time. You will find that truly successful people online LOVE to help people succeed. But, …for every person who is really dedicated to succeeding there are 10 “tire kickers” who want someone to hand them success on a silver platter. It doesn’t work that way. Nothing works that way. In order to leave time to help those who really want it, coaching programs are formed. Yes – you have to pay big money, but you should easily be able to get ten times the value for money spent.


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