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Benefits to Employee Tuition Reimbursement


Are there benefits to offering tuition reimbursement to employees? As the costs of college continue to rise, so do the debt loads of graduating students. Students are constantly told that they need to pursue an advanced degree to make it in the world but the amount of government funded loans and scholarship awards is decreasing each year. It is true, students do need continuing education to advance in the business world but how can they do so without going broke?

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Are You Too Old to Go Back to School?


You want to go back to school and continue your education. Perhaps you’d like to earn your first degree or would like to earn a new degree in a different field. You’ve been dreaming of that degree but haven’t dared believe your dream can come true because you think you are too old.

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What is Continuing Education?


Although many people may think of preparing for the GED as continuing education, technically it’s not. Continuing education means progressing with your educational career after you’ve either received your high school diploma or you’ve received an alternative GED certificate.

So what does continuing education include? Well, technical schools, college classes, and online classes to progress in your career are examples of forms of continuing education. These classes and programs are intended to help you continue your education after graduation.

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